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Animal Puzzle


Animal Puzzle is an appropriate puzzle game for toddlers aged between 2 and 6. It is quite the application version of wooden puzzles or peg puzzles. 


- 3 different types of puzzles.
- 21 different puzzles.
- 3 different themes: Farm, jungle, birds...
- 20 cute animals.
- Attractive and colourful graphics.
- Joyful background music.
- High-quality sounds of animals.
- Feedbacks like balloons and confetti that's fostering kids attention.
- Kids friendly user interface.
- ALL FREE. No in-app purchase.


This completely free application comes with 3 different collages of animal images. Let us know that which one is your favorite: 
The farm with cute domestic animals? or 
The jungle with the exotic animals? or 
The one with the cool birds?

Whichever theme you like, just enjoy the relaxing puzzles, cheerfully animated animals, funny animal sounds, and fostering feedbacks. 

The three background is composed of a farm, forest, and jungle with a variety of animals that includes cow, horse, chicken, duck, rabbit, sheep, donkey, monkey, elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe, parrot, owl, raven, eagle, pigeon, seagull, and nightingale.

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