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Balloon Pop


“Balloon Pop” is a free balloon popping game.

It is free -- it will always be free.

Easy to play -- just touch the balloon on the screen and it will blow up.


• The balloons show up in various colors and function. 
   - Regular Balloons -- Just to pop. They show up in 12 different colors.
   - Heart Shaped Balloons -- Brings in an extra life.
   - Rainbow Colored Balloons -- Pops every balloon on the screen.
   - Snail Balloons -- Slows down all balloons for 3 seconds.

• The number of popped balloons are counted and recorded. 

• Three attractive backgrounds are available (at this time). 

• Each background has its own joyful music. 

• Every interaction triggers a special sound effect that excites kids’ attention. 

• You can enable or disable sounds and music.


You have to pop every balloon while they are on the screen. 

Otherwise, you lose one of your extra lives. 

You can increase the number of your extra lives (up to 15) by popping heart-shaped balloons. 

As the game continues the number of balloons on the screen and their speeds will increase. 

So it is better to collect extra life as much as you can. 

When you are out of extra life the game will be over. 

You can always restart the game.

The number of balloons that you popped is counted and recorded. So you can challenge yourself or your friends. 

During a successful game, you may come across some interesting animations such as chirping birds or enthusiastic rabbits.

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