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Physics Game


BoxDrop is a box stacker game with 20 supply boxes in different sizes.


Provide the supply boxes to your ground troops. Drop and stack them carefully on the drop zone.


Consider all real-life physics rules and do not let your pile tumble down and crumble away.


Compete for the best score in the world!





- Randomized boxes in 20 different shape and size.


- Real-life physics rules applied.


- Scores & high scores recorded.


- Global leaderboards available.


- Simple & beautiful graphics designed.


- Image of the highest pile captured to be shared with high score.


- Free and easy to play.



You are expected to drop and stack the boxes explicitly on the drop zone. The aim is the constructing the highest pile. There are 20 boxes in different shape and size. Boxes are chosen randomly in the game. Every successful stacking will be reflected as +1 to your score. The game will over if you miss the drop zone, or if the tower collapses. So, it is better if you aim right and consider the laws of physics.


At the end of every game the image of your pile captured with your high score. You can easily share your tower and your score with your friends.


Sign in with your “Play Games” or “Game Center” accounts. Compete for the best score in the worldwide leaderboards.


Do not forget! Mass, gravity, gravitational acceleration, friction, inertia, center of mass and balance are the terms taken into consideration when creating core mechanics of the game.

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